Life serves up many choices times we must decide
Each fork impacts the quality of your private ride
Go one way your life is sublime
Another tack struggle much of the time

When younger we ignore the law of consequence
Thinking we’ll escape till we get our comeuppance
Laws of karma operate beyond mortal control
Always getting even you reap what you sow

As you travel life mind your Ps and Qs
Be conscious of lessons that your choices choose
Stinging results hurt you to the core
Clearly reminders where you must learn more

The vice of options opens you’re clenched within its jaws
Don’t blindly barrel forward give yourself some pause
Consider what flows from decisions you make
Choose your footsteps wisely for now and posterity’s sake

The guilt of pain inflicted on others who are dear
Will haunt your mind’s perspective year after every year
Selfishness may satisfy your immediate thirst
Stay aware of long-range fall out and avoid the worst

What makes you a human what sets you apart
What lifts you beyond instinct your compassionate heart
Let’s not forget reflection and self-consciousness too
Abstract thought and reasoning form a complex brew

Now’s the time to act from your highest self
Time for fear to fade away do not be someone else
Time is running late now time to choose is near
Do you voice your vote for life or continue in your fear

When considering options how do you make choices?
Do you think about what will flow from a particular set of actions?
Do you think about the impact it will have on people you care about?
Do you think about the long-term impact on your soul?

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