Living ordinary life in extraordinary ways

Passing time with passion giving with a blaze

Honoring commitments taking care of others

Treating those around you like sisters and brothers

No need to engender notoriety and fame

All you want togetherness warmth that is no shame

Life can be very simple easy and content

All you really have to do make sure you pay the rent

It’s not about majestic goals bright lights being a star

It is about discovering happy where you are

What you need is solid ground to support your whims

Never let your earthly pride take away your grins

Let your every blessing reach inside of you

Let warmth of your tenderness hold you when you’re blue

Let the lofty platitudes drift and melt away

Let the sounds of children’s voices sanctify your day

Drop all your pretensions be humble heart and mind

Let go all aspiration that’s not where you will find

Wisdom that will carry and sustain you every day

Let quiet fill your countenance then go dance and play

What is it that drives you?

How do your drivers impact the energy you live in?

Have you recently thought about what’s really important to you?

What would you say if asked about how you would like to live your life?

What’s the gap between where you are and where you want to be?

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