The coming together of people and places

Being surrounded with familiar faces

We do not have much in common today

It’s about remembering what we had yesterday

In a world fixated on progress and growth

It’s important to remember your loyalty oath

It’s not all about what you give to them

It’s their gift to your being and remembering when

Honoring history and where you came from

Seeing your life through the lens of someone

Honor the past and look to tomorrow

Be in the present and minimize sorrow

What’s said above is sacred no doubt

When we get smart that’s what we find out

Please thank and honor the part they play

Their presence helped show you the way

About loving learning living leaving and such

The contribution they made to your being was much

Without them we don’t get to be you or me

In being them they helped us be free

Who do you stay in touch with that keeps you grounded in the past in a healthy way?

What do those connections provide?

How do they contribute to your current life?

Who do you need to spend time with to help remind you who you are?

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