What is your longing dream ultimate vision

What are you searching for wanting with precision

How do you evaluate the things you do

Do they bring you “happiness” to mix in your brew

What is the clear meaning of this ultimate quest

Who is deciding for you what is best

How do you determine if you’ve reached your all

Can you be counted among those that stand tall

Interesting what happens as we advance in age

The nature of our life force transforms our rage

From an internal focus of me me me me

We start to look outward and focus on we

If we get lucky as we march along

Life shifts our perspective changes our joyous song

From focusing on what we realize

The real gift lies in what’s in their eyes

When you count blessings at the end of the day

Measure it by others and their state of play

Those that you care for to whom you give

The quality of your life depends on how they live

What is the quality of life of those you hold dear?

Have you been able to impact their life experience in a meaningful way?

How does this impact your happiness?

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