Agreements abound all over the place

Don’t pay attention conflicts in your face

Guiding grounding focusing collaboration

Producing results way beyond expectation

Expressing joint vision setting a clear plan

Building deep trust for woman and man

Without the gifts of agreements in place

It’s hard to arrive at states of grace

Alone we can’t do much stumbling about

Harnessed in tandem we grow very stout

Hook up your talents to a group and a mission

Marvel at what you get with a shared vision

Building partnerships based on deep covenant

Lights you up with energy so abundant

Get aligned with people at work

Get clear with loved ones don’t be a jerk

Know what you are what you’re about

Join with others stand back and shout

Amazement will thrill and cause great delight

The joy of teamwork makes your life bright

Production beyond what you had in mind

Life force grows in you no matter how blind

Pure satisfaction wells up in your heart

In joining with others your life becomes art

Have you ever thought about the clarity of agreements you have with personal and professional partners?

Look at the relationships in which you have conflict and think about the clarity and completeness of those agreements. What do you notice?

What might you do?

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