What’s your happiness delight
Makes smiles middle of the night
Tickles your sweet heart
Generates the quickening of art

Ensures you’re not alone
Laughter far from home
Joyful reminder you’re god’s child
No matter distance no matter wild

An enduring state
Place to return starting gate
Sustains each dark night
Finding peace the greatest fight

Life on earth bump and grind
Treatment often so unkind
Abide knowing what you came for
Lessons embodied in each door

Rarely about what happens to us
Achievements please do not fuss
Being centered grounded clear
Experience is why you’re here

Learning knowing makes you smile
Only here for a small while
Companions in whom you delight
On passages from dark to light

What learning generates wisdom and pleasure for you?

Do you acknowledge the joy that brings?

– Stewart Levine ©

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