What is your happiness what is your delight

What makes you smile in the middle of the night

What tickles your fancy warms your sweet heart

What generates quickening serves you as art

What voices ensure you’re not alone

What makes you laugh when far from home

What joyful reminder assures you’re god’s child

No matter the distance no matter how wild

From what I see it’s an enduring state

A place you come back to your starting gate

To sustain yourself through deep dark nights

Find inner peace or you’ll lose the fight

Life here on earth has bumps and grind

Sometimes your treatment feels very unkind

Abiding knowing is what we came for

Lessons embodied serve as your door

It’s never about what happens to us

About crowning achievements please do not fuss

It’s about being centered and grounded and firm

About experiences from which you can learn

Let learning and knowing always make you smile

Remember you’re only here for a while

Take joy in companions with whom you delight

Take joy in the passage from darkness to light

What or who are you learning about that gives you wisdom and pleasure?

Do you find the time to celebrate and acknowledge the things that bring you wisdom and joy?

What would it take for you to do that regularly?

Do you appreciate the real reasons for your life on earth?

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