Life begins again renewed one time more

After midnight’s passage a rough one for sure

The tossing and turning burning of the heart

The ever raging fire poised for a new start

The way that we process our musings internal

The night sweats and terror sometimes fear seems eternal

Our vehicle is complex a fine-tuned machine

Serving us quite nobly dream after dream and dream

After a dark passage quiets your full soul

You wonder and speculate what’s needed to be whole

You’re never quite sure why wondering prevails

As you go through many endless travails

It’s not about conquering high mountains deep seas

It is about mastering mind and quieting disease

That is the journey of the self-conscious soul

Compassion acceptance and filling your bowl

When imminent death wonders was I all I could be

Did you share yourself with your friends gracefully

Remember it’s not about the $$$$ you reaped

But did those around you enjoy peaceful sleep

Why are you here? On this planet? At this time?

Are you living your life purpose? Are you sure?

What else might you do to fulfill that life purpose?

Is your work your play?

What would be playful work?

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