Troubled by grasping and will
Exerting demands pushing to fill
Disregard others refuse to let go
Selfish wanting is plaguing so

Rather than accept step into flow
Try to control thinking you know
Assume earth a human playground
Finally realize other species abound

Dare I suggest for those here now
Time to be bigger with a new vow
Let go of ego let go of will
Practice patience learn to be still

Accept life get out of your way
Then take some time for play
What serves on seeker’s path
Conserve energy cut down wrath

Let go of what you think should be
Take care of business a way to be free
Honor true self the one deep inside
Filled with wisdom there you reside

When this that happens not about bliss
Satisfaction is fleeting like a lover’s kiss
Take nurture from patience choose let go
See up down process of your small ego

Step into easy let presence emerge
Forget abandon it will tax your nerve
In detachment hearts quietly sing
Love for the asking don’t do anything

What can you learn from stillness and observing chattering mind body?

Can you make that presence part of your practice?

– Stewart Levine ©

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