What gets us in trouble our grasp and our will
We exert our ego’s pressure and push for our fill
We disregard others and cannot let go
Of our selfish wanting that often plagues us so

Rather than accept and step into the flow
We try to control when we think we know
Until we stop and realize there is a larger plan
Assuming planet earth is a playground for man

What I am suggesting for those here right now
It’s time to get bigger take on a new how
Let go of your ego let go of your will
Start practicing your patience and learn to be still

You can impact some things most have their own way
What is said is certain for sure I can say
What might serve you best on your seeker’s path
Conserve your churning energy cut down on your wrath

Let go of your attachment to things you think should be
Take care of all your business that’s a way to be free
Honor your true self here the one deep inside
The “I” filled with deep wisdom is where you might reside

If this or that happens it will not give you bliss
Desire’s satisfaction’s fleeting like a lover’s kiss
Take nurture from your patience and your choice to “let go”
As you see the up down process of your small ego

Step into your own wisdom let true presence emerge
Forget joyous abandon it will just tax your nerve
Honor your detachment let your quiet heart sing
Sweet love’s here for the asking without doing anything

When was the last time you sat still and quiet and observed
the chattering of your mind and body?
What did you learn?
Is the presence that can do that part of your regular practice?
Why might that be valuable?

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