Peace making a noble art
Inside is the place to start
Motivated to play your part
First look to your heart

Actions reflect an inner smile
Engagement transcend ego’s wile
Dind in your inner reserves
A driver when you lose nerve

Your humanity pushes this end
Not knowing the next bend
Compassionate wings of dove
Sweet nectar of pure love

Quietly touching inner source
Stop chatter let go of remorse
Vision of peace that abides
Clear about your insides

Faith emerges quieting fear
Trust that you will get there
Narrow steps more steep and true
Mindful counsel it’s not about you

Selfless presence guides the way
Vehicle with a sense of play
Silent center chaos all around
Birthing peace on common ground

Have you embraced that your external mirrors the internal?

What is unsettled in your world craving more peace?

– Stewart Levine ©

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