Peacemaking peacekeeping a very noble art

It begins deep inside that’s where you start

The first place to look deep in your heart

What motivation has you play your part

Does purity of action reflect an inner smile

Does your engagement transcend ego’s wile

What forces lie in you what deep inner reserves

Compel moving forward when you lose your nerve

Does essence of humanity pull you to this end

Even when not knowing what’s around the next bend

Does deep compassion broaden your wings of dove

How sweet is the nectar and purity of your love

Begin getting quiet in touch with inner source

Quiet your chatter let go of all remorse

Conjure a vision of peace that will abide

Let go of all certainty about the journey’s ride

Let faith emerge to lead you and quiet any fear

Trust that god will guide and help to get you there

The path straight and narrow steps are steep and true

Pause knowing the counsel this is not about you

Be selfless in your presence let your voice guide the way

As your instrument merges with your sense of play

Silent at the center chaos all around

The mystery of birthing peace comes from common ground

Does your inner peace reflect the peace you wish for the world?

Have you ever embraced the truth that the external is a mirror of the internal?

What is unsettled in your inner world such that you crave a peaceful world?

What might happen to your quest for world peace if your inner world were peaceful?

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