The glory our life is what grows deep inside

Our eternal source of wisdom and our sense of pride

It’s not about what we have or just who we are

It is about connections that are our lucky stars

So many of our brothers and sisters all around

Think their life is for getting while they are above ground

Yet those who reflect deeply and get close to their home

They know in their giving they are not alone

We have set up standards focusing on what we “have”

All the while we’re longing to be another’s salve

If we can stay mindful we realize a simple truth

Giving’s really getting now you’re a super sleuth

Our lives take on meaning when others lean on us

The more that they are taking the more that we light up

Remember that in others you will find your soul

Surround your life with people as you grow gloriously old

How good are you at enabling others to help you define your identity?

Think about who you would be if you were living in a vacuum?

How would you know who you are?

Where and who would you be without others in your life?

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