Whoever accomplished achieved and did great
Did not meekly stop when they reached a locked gate
They pushed on and through and climbed steep steps
They had resolve never blamed someone else

They understood personal mission and vision
They knew outcome desired no indecision
The mindset developed to climb the big hills
No stopping when confronted by the cold of chills

That’s when you dig deeper call on reserves
That’s when you find out if you have nerves
At the outset all is high talk and chatter
Then you find out if that talk matters

When you are thwarted in one of your quests
Do you give up or engage your best
Is “NO” a signal that more is demanded
Do you fold your cards and leave empty-handed

Now is the moment on this rock in space
For your persistence to reveal our grace
Anything worthy of your thoughts supreme
Deserves all you can to make real your dream

Have you thought about your resilience or grittiness?
How many times have you felt knocked down?
How many times have you chosen to get back up?
How many times have you stayed down?
What enabled you to get back up?

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