Choices we have choices we choose

Choices we make say win or lose

It’s how we frame questions we ask

How we determine to see the task

The music we dance to sounds in our head

We are conductors controlling what’s said

It’s not really random not random at all

The way we hold things says soar or fall

The smart ones know what to do in the whirl

The brilliant know what to think in the swirl

It’s how we approach stuff the perspective we create

We get to determine dismal or great

The journey we live out on this earthly plane

Marks our existence when we’re done what remains

We get to make choices when we stay awake

Choices shape us our life they make

Always remember you have control

Choices determine how you grow old

Stay mindful aware of cause and effect

Perspective of seeing provides happiness

Is your glass half empty or half full?

How has your perspective been shaped by the significant events in your life?

Were they confirming or disconfirming?

What were the choices you made leading up to or after these major events?

Have you ever reflected on the continuing impact created by new perspectives based on current reality?

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