Perspective an important tool
Keeping you from being the fool
When you think things are low
The reality may not be so

Who is better who is worse
Without comparison you suffer a curse
Despair sets in when viewing your plight
Without the glow of perspective’s light

When you are feeling really sad
Remember likely not so bad
Take a walk on a city street
Look around you won’t feel so bleak

Notice the homeless on the ground
Look at tattered vendors among the crowd
See the aged disabled disfigured and such
Realize you’re blessed with so much

The task at hand for you to see
How much you deserve some glee
Do not mope or come unglued
Look at your life and be amused

What’s troubling you right now?
When you compare it to homelessness, war, serious illness does that shift the intensity of your disturbance?
Does the light of perspective provide a new view?

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