Pilgrims Path

Alone we’re born alone we die
In between that aloneness sometimes we cry
Much of our life made up of delusion
Fighting the battle of inner confusion

Every so often we wake from this dream
Experience the clarity of our sweet machine
It’s not very frequent that oneness visits
But we seem to know the wholeness that’s in us

We come for the lessons on our pilgrim’s path
One of our challenges to avoid our own wrath
Only in body do we get to feel
Lower emotions of the animal sphere

The starkness life can be on this human plane
Contrasts the unity from which spirit came
In higher dimension the place called home
No such thing as alone we’re part of the whole

The memory of unity shadows life on earth
No matter how noble or regal your birth
So as you search for your path back to god
No need to be serious please wink and nod

Have you given thought to what your life experience on earth in a body is about?
What have you come up with?
Is it possible that all of our experiences are nothing more than the context in which we get to feel, and to explore what those feelings mean?
If that is so do the wins, losses and achievement really mean much?
Why? Why not?

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