Place is orientation ground rest and stillness
Where we are comfortable no need for willfulness
Here we are quiet close to our heart
We can be ourselves begin a new start

Life comes up to meet us solid under feet
This is where we feel heart and its rhythmic beat
All our earthly belongings happen to be here
It is where our stuff is that provides some cheer

This is where we come when we need rebirth
This is where we go for some joy and mirth
Here does not matter what the time of year
It’s our place for grounding there’s never fear

So I say “Dear Heart” do you have a home
A longing space when you’re on the roam
A spot that draws you like a magnet’s pull
When you arrive you’re immediately full

Does your life have purpose when you’re in this space
Do you create visions that provide pure grace
Does some profound meaning enter pure heart
Take your balance from here let go fits and starts

What do you identify as home?
Do you go often enough?
What happens to you when you are there?
When you feel the pull what is tugging on you?
What might happen if you visited more frequently?
What would it take for you to create a home?

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