More than enough no need to worry
Get what you need no need to scurry
Food from the earth so many ways
Infants are born white light star gaze

No longer hunted by carnivores
If that occurs give them what fors
Scientific advancements magical minds
New things enabled miraculous finds

Most without struggle for basic needs
Go feed the hungry and do good deeds
Why all the fighting and war
Why blindness to what we’re here for

Many with power beauty sublime
No sense of owning what’s yours or mine
Potential unlimited for all in need
Why the darkness with swords and greed

Nasty bad guys parade in white
Time to forsake be they left or right
Wolves at our tables in cloaks that conceal
Time to unmask time to reveal

Righteous speak with forked tongue truth
Time they were booted back to their youth
Food from the earth in so many ways
Infants are born white light star gaze

What daily miracles do you acknowledge?

Can you see more of what happens on earth as miraculous?

– Stewart Levine ©

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