There is more than enough here no need to worry
You can get what you need here no need to scurry
Food grows from the earth in miraculous ways
Infants are born with white light and star gaze

We’re no longer hunted by wild carnivores
Whenever that happens we give them “what fors?”
Science is amazing magic to the mind
Things it enables miraculous finds

Many no longer struggle with their basic needs
You can feed your hunger and do good deeds
So why all the fighting and why all the war
Why all the blindness to what we came here for

Most of us have power and beauty sublime
With no concern of ownership what yours becomes mine
The potential’s without limit for all who are in need
Although those in darkness wield their sword and greed

Amazing how the bad guys parade all dressed in white
It is time to forsake them be they left or right
We have wolves at our tables in cloaks that conceal
It is time to unmask them time now to reveal

Righteousness in their speaking forked tongue is what’s so
It’s time they were booted get them out let them go
Food grows from the earth here in miraculous ways
And infants are born here with the white light of star gaze

What miracles do you take the time to acknowledge every day?
Although science explains things from an analytical perspective
might we see more of what happens on earth as miraculous?
Ask your hand or leg to move or lips to pucker, is that miraculous?

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