Peace on the inside deep and abiding
Confident grounded no need for hiding
When you let go of longing presence prevails
Reflecting deep learning from holy travails

Silence quiet fills your heart and brain
Your deportment’s even though you’ve come through pain
No need for your ego to be stroked and fed
Peace comes from inside not your chattering head

Joy is in giving not in getting gifts
What comes up in living is learned from many rifts
The soft sweet essence you’ve struggled to find
Is firmly implanted in your noble mind

It’s time to honor powers supreme
Who blessed you completely with your divine dream
The tools and the vehicle you have on your ride
Accept them as proof god’s at your side

Now you know you have all you need
Do not be inflated or succumb to your greed
You can satisfy all your desires
Remember true pleasure giving what inspires

Where are you standing now? Are you ready to reveal, display
and distribute your gifts? Do you fully appreciate how fortunate
you are and all the investment that has created you? Is there anything
left for you to clear away? By when will that be done?

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