I want to be less so I can be more
Lighter less dense knowing what life is for
I want to be nothing transparent and clean
To be the catalyst remaining unseen

I want to influence without being influential
I want to have impact yet remain inconsequential
I want to move mountains with a sweet singing tune
I want to blow bubbles on a warm day in June

Here is my solace my quiet reverie
The tears stop the yearning I feel very free
The gift of engagement connection collaboration
Sensing something bigger is where to find elation

The joy that is waiting big as the sky
Stillness emptiness quiet oh my
It’s not about sparkle or bombast profound
It’s about slowly surely traversing the ground

As you go forward look for the ease
Dance rather lightly say thank you and please
Float and engage with a light hand
Let resistance dissolve into grains of sand

Where are you strident? Where are you very serious?
Where do you experience the “lightness of being?”
Which place feels more hospitable?
What produces a better result? For you? For others?
How would you rather be?

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