What is the best fuel for rocket propulsion
Moving here to there in swift eruption
What motivates moves pulls as it pushes
You can’t resist when stuck in the bushes

The force that’s inside you power and will
The vision that drives while you’re sitting still
The mission you’re here for tasks that are you
The cause you would die for that burns and renews

The heart that fuels your wakening thoughts
Brings you more treasures than you ever sought
Stronger than steel it won’t bend or break
Can’t burn or scratch it won’t even flake

How do you tap into your sacred source
Let it guide your life so there’s rarely remorse
Like a nuclear reaction inside of you
Erupting exploding empowering too

What I can promise tell you for sure
Inside emerges when you unlock the door
It’s waiting coiled tightly to rise and take flight
It’s promise awakening all day and night

Think of right action what can you not do
Think of inner wisdom you know what to do
Listen to your voices follow the wisdom of your heart
Let the power within turn your life into art

What lights your fire and keeps you motivated without any conscious thought on your part ?
How do you feel when you are operating in that space?
What kind of results show up. Is work hard?
Does it require a great deal of effort?

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