What’s first on your list and what is last

What’s important abiding what fizzles fast

What gets attention amid all the calling

What stock is rising and what stock is falling

What gets your presence and holds your focus

What do you let go of when there is no locus

What provides satisfaction and keeps you returning

What does your heart long for and has you yearning

What rings the bell of your discerning mind

What fades in the distance and gets left behind

Now that you’ve answered all the above

Can you clearly point to things that you love

May I make a suggestion and be so bold

It’s a smart thing to do as you’re growing old

Every so often and ask

What stays around and what doesn’t last

It’s very important for you to know

So you can fill your life with what makes you glow

For you fill your days with delight

You will sleep soundly and rest well each night

Think about your responses to the questions in the poem?

Do you surround yourself with the things that make you glow or do you have some sorting to do?

Imagine what your life would be like if you were surrounded by what

turns you on?

What is in the way of that becoming your reality?

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