What drives guides directs
Sets intention when down resurrects
Foundation of projects we choose
Uplifts spirits when there’s bad news

Much bigger than small selves
Eternal pulls us off our shelves
Commitments goals promises to others
Link in a chain of sisters and brothers

Actions reflect our stance
Choosing steps of a personal dance
Widening circles expanding reach
Opens the joy to learn and teach

Capacity expands results multiply
Joining others stretches you to the sky
What we owe what they expect
They are entitled to promises kept

Where this points as you sit and reflect
Stay mindful of promises at your peril neglect
Others rely on what you say you’ll do
Honor self-worth to others be true

Are you conscious of promises you make?

Do you renegotiate before performance is due or deliver when you can?

How does that impact reputation and integrity?

– Stewart Levine ©

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