The deep ancient wisdom of long ago

Follows your footsteps tells you where to go

Laughter and wholeness serve as your guide

It’s hard to falter when god lives inside

Longing is quiet function is clear

Purpose is revving as you slip into gear

The journey to this place has filled your life

Awareness and travel always add spice

The chatter is quiet the systems are tight

No bolts are rattling as you span the night

Clarity of darkness black crystal ice

That is the context as you take flight

This is exciting creation and birth

Make sure hold onto your mirth

As you slide into the delivery room

The expanse before you is lit by the moon

Remember you don’t know each exact move

Trust the next trapeze will appear and be smooth

Temper excitement with your feet on the ground

Allow your results to excite and astound

When was the last time you trusted a deep calling that you did not fully understand but were compelled to follow?

How did that experience turn out?

How do you feel now about looking for guidance from deep within when you are at a crossroads?

What is the upside? The downside?

What is the cost of doing nothing?

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