Clean clear vibration no static or goop
No wings flapping in your inner coop
Inquiry’s over searching ceased
Effort quieted your hungry beast

Longing midwifed ground searched for
To get there opening door after door
Reverberating thoughts in your brain
Kept you questing till no doubts remain

When you decided your choices made
Thru the misgivings and sense of shame
Who did you hurt what did you let go
In pushing forward having to grow

Goal of the effort expanding your health
Did you let go and move to new wealth
Can you slip into new skin with ease
No wake or displacement does this pool please

Lying down at the end of long days
Can you grin knowing you’ve come thru haze
Carrying forward are you without remorse
As growing confidence keeps you on course

When you say yes to the above
You earn knowing nods from forces of love
Let faith and wisdom continue your ride
As you enjoy gliding with pride

What have you given up in search of integrity for what rewards?

Any advice for others who followed their heart at great personal cost?

– Stewart Levine ©

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