Cleansing earth renewing air

Sunshine’s intensity much to bear

Fostering reflection looking within

Nurturing essence that’s feeling thin


Cooling bubbling intellect fostering quiet inside

Slowing the body when you’re on a ride

Without it no crops earth cracks and peels

Liquid life elixir sweet wet it heals


When parched dehydrated dry to the bone

Quenching nectar quiets existential moan

Collecting cisterns reservoirs filling up

Preserving hoarding we can fill our cup


Manna from heaven sent by gods

Fattening sweet peas in little pods

Can’t live without it more than a few days

It disappears we dance shamans pray


Next time upset when wet rain falls

Soak in a new hairdo put things on pause

Flowers sweet smells vibrant colors

Sun coming out drying your druthers


How might current rain teach you something?

What longer term benefit will you experience?

– Stewart Levine ©

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