Cleansing the earth scape renewing the air
When sunshine’s intensity is too much to bear
Fostering reflection looking deep within
Nurturing essence when you’re feeling thin

Cooling a bubbling intellect fostering quiet inside
Slowing down the body when you’ve been on a ride
Without it crops lie dormant the earth cracks and peels
This liquid life elixir is sweet wet and it heals

When parched and dehydrated dry down to the bone
We drink its moist nectar quieting existential moan
Collecting in our cisterns reservoirs filling up
Preserving it and hoarding so we can fill our cup

It’s manna from heaven sent by our gods
It fattens our sweet peas in their little pods
We can’t live without it for more than a few days
When it disappears we dance and our shamans pray

Next time you are upset when the wet rain falls
When it soaks your hairdo and puts things on pause
Remember the flowers sweet smells vibrant colors
Know the sun will come out drying all your druthers

Are you experiencing rain in your life?
What purpose is it serving?
How might the current rain teach you something?
What longer term benefit will you experience?
How will things be better in the long term because of the rain?

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