Opens your eyes to the fact that you are alone
Spasms your whole body tightening your back
Makes you scream deep inside wanting to attack

Aggression surrounds and asks for your hand
You think you can fight so you take a stand
Steel yourself harder like girded solid rock
While inside ticking loudly a tightly wound clock

One day you realize the tension is in you
The thing will not save you is the thing that you do
It’s about giving up not doing more
It’s about letting go not being so sure

It’s about accepting what’s happening in your life
The cycles we go through the serene and the fight
It’s about recognizing you are never alone
That a force walks beside you carrying you home

When you get fearful filled with tears and rage
One place you can turn for counsel that is sage
Look to your own heart find the spirit inside
Allow faith in your wisdom trust and have some pride

Resist the temptation to compare your sacred path
You are your uniqueness soak in your own bath
Trust in your future lessons and what they reveal
Let your own sweet journey take you to your real

Are you feeling incomplete or inadequate?
Do you know the source of those feelings?
Do they have to do with choices you have made or are they left over from before you had your own consciousness and will?
Do you need to update the inner dialogue that generates your feelings?
Do you need to forgive yourself for what you have done based on childhood programming?

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