Not something to work for but nice when received
When it finally happens you will feel relieved
Spending your life on track with a mission
Following a dream guided by vision

Working toward that goal everyday
Trying this and that discerning what you say
Progress is measured by the level of traction
Especially seeing others joining the action

As others see what you have been doing
They start to realize what you are brewing
Now they are joining speaking your vision
Recognizing your work and your mission

Now is not the time to collapse
No falling into egocentric relapse
Do not let their back slapping go to your head
It was never about you think clearly instead

It’s about what comes through you as a steward
It’s doing you as you keep moving forward
Do remain vigilant through the elation
One key to the mission maintain your vibration

Do you have a sense of personal mission about your work in the world?
What is the mission you have been engaged with?
What has drawn you too it?
What is the vision you hold for the fruition of your mission?
How will the world be different because you were here?

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