Every so often our lives ask us
Can you get bigger without too much fuss
When we feel trapped bound and in chains
Release and let go get beyond growing pains

It’s not the external that causes our fears
Constructs of the ego locks up our gears
The tension and friction causing our grief
Comes from the collusion of self-concepts and beliefs

The war raging inside colored bloody red
Till you bring blue waters to quiet your head
The salve of quiet thinking brings peace to your home
These new habits of mind you develop alone

No one does it for you though suggestions they make
Realizing your new truths the rewards more than cake
Heed your feelings as voices begging for attention
Expand your mind around them developing new dimension

When you’re feeling twisted pulled by head and feet
Stop the old worn voices they will bring defeat
Find a current construct that holds the new you
Grow into the new space or get bitter and blue

The blessing for humans the gift of consciousness
The tools that you come with lead to your happiness
The lessons you learn on this earth plane
Increase value and knowledge no need to complain

What are you currently learning in your life experience?
Are you using new knowledge? Who and what are your
best teachers? How might you leverage what you are learning?
Can you let go of old beliefs? When was the last time you did
that consciously? Do you understand how to reframe things?

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