We live many lives in each incarnation

We try personas and test relations

Some live steady in a narrow sphere

Others question what’s new this year

If you’re unhappy with things as they are

And there is no reason that tells you what for

It might be the person you think you should be

Blocking your essence from being free

Rather than blaming somebody else

Choose something different try a new self

If being one way has you in a stew

Why not just change begin anew

Shed your old skin leave it behind

Rotate brain cells leave what’s worn behind

Step out of the old put on a new face

Goodbye to sad eyes hello to grace

Don’t wait any longer let go of constraints

It’s time to be strong create with fresh paints

Dry tears of suffering self-pity remorse

Chart a new pathway you can do it of course

How many times have you made major changes in your life?

What were the circumstances?

Was the transition difficult or easy or somewhere in between?

What kind of tools helped you make the shift?

Is it that time again?

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