This moment is all no yesterday or tomorrow

The focus now your choice joy or sorrow

Your sweet tears will never go away

The choice stay home sulk go out and play

No one does it for you choose your experience

Transcend confusion insanity indifference

No one delivers your world on a plate

It’s mud or your oyster your destiny fate

Sitting alone waiting for answers

Thoughts of perfection paths to disasters

Stop all your fretting thinking worry

Take hold of your babble done with a flurry

If you are tired and your life looks glum

If all things look bleak and you want to run

Perspective abandoned your life looks black

Take the first step get back on your track

Find your trajectory step into it now

Muster your power stand up somehow

Simple directions do not put them down

Honor their prodding follow them now

Do you know you have the power to make choices at every moment in time?

Do you know you have the power to change your state, your perspective, your mood, your energy?

Why wouldn’t you?


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