Amazing how life takes us to places

From which we never expected graces

Always amazing counter intuitive

How these locations provide renewing

Most of us learn feeling life’s tether

That you can’t love this and that together

And as we age if we are smart

We chose to follow not “right” but our heart

When we are honest with our self

We rarely have reason to hate someone else

Usually we don’t dislike who they are

It’s what they did their action ajar

When we reflect on our own dis-ease

Their action took us away from our release

We have a choice in how we react

Hold onto anger or use your tact

Though deeply hurt we can choose to forgive

That noble path teaches us how to live

Letting go continuing to love

Connected to heaven and the godhead above

Do you have a situation where you have a choice about the perspective you might take?

Are there opportunities for you to choose a greater level of compassion

toward others?

Do you understand that forgiveness is more about your letting go than punishing the other?

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