What’s at the core of getting beyond
Letting go of old frames dissolving old bonds
Moving from being gripped and in fright
Alighting on new ground that provides delight

Mastery swaddles you in a new dream
From triggers agitation to a place that’s serene
Whatever was holding you back and in chains
Is no longer binding you let go of the pain

When conflict arises the first place we seek
Is out there we ask what is it making us meek
We give away power invest others with might
Then we sit and justify why we are right

Resolution is present when you have peace
Your wheels stop spinning you let go release
It’s not about you convincing yourself
It’s the fault of another somebody else

To really resolve you have only yourself
It’s always about forgiving somebody else
It’s about understanding perspectives they bring
If you can let go and allow your heart to sing

It was never them that had you gripped in fear
It was your constructs your own grinding gears
When you perceive from a new place
Your honored reward a new sense of grace

Have you ever resolved a disagreement by shifting your perspective?
What kept you from the new perspective in the first place?
What makes it so difficult to let go? If you knew what would it be?
What would it be worth to avoid all that angst?

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