Planet earth needs a place to rest

Birds sing and preen knowing what is best

Order is clear all know their place

Thanksgiving presides all sit in grace

It may not last forever this crystalized glee

Though it is a foundation of peace harmony

Connection to others cells all slow down

Resting acceptance all over each town

A special perspective grounded serene

Life in a dream state without any mean

The wealth that’s engendered richness and love

Starts from within grows just because

It lives deep inside all of our cells

Seated in belly where your center dwells

Humanity does not need so much strife

Varietal wars occupying so much of life

Longing for peace and ongoing respite

How might we hold and keep it in sight

Peace and tranquility moments’ sublime

Enjoy aspiring rest in the time

What is your peace quotient?

How much of your life is lived in a state of peace?

What guidance or coaching would you have for others about how to achieve it?

Do you think it of value as an aspiration?

Why? Why not?

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