Holding your quiet reflective side

Grabbing emotions won’t let you hide

Lingers inside events from the past

Impacts the present no moving too fast


Joyousness tempered mundane on hold

You’re startled awakened thinking is bold

Whatever serenity you came to know

Suddenly vanished nowhere to go


Let the lessons reverence brings

Sink deeply their thoughts have wings

Insides awaken to a new voice

Honor spirit you have no choice


Let emotion purify cleanse

Wisdom surfacing serving those ends

Take heart realize your sense of profound

Depth of knowing keeps you on the ground


Honor events sanctifying your space

Allow sacred knowing feel a sense of grace

Enable the being that manifests you

Honor your softness let it come through


How can you ensure you will listen, hear and act on

lessons residing in you? What and by when do you

need to do to access your resident personal wisdom?

– Stewart Levine ©

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