What makes you quiet reflective inside
What grabs your emotions won’t let you hide
What’s lingering inside events from the past
What impacts your present prevents moving fast

Joyousness burning all’s put on hold
You’re startled awakened all seems very cold
The lasting serenity you came to know
Stalled in its place you have nowhere to go

Let all the lessons reverence brings
Speak to you deeply their thoughts have wings
Let insides awaken to a new voice
Let your spirit be taken you have no choice

Let deep emotion purify and cleanse
Let deep wisdom surface serving those ends
Take heart realizing your sense of profound
Let your depth of knowing keep you on the ground

Honor events sanctifying your space
Allow your sacred knowing to feel your sense of grace
Enable the being that manifests you
Honor your softness let it come through

What are the deep lessons residing in you?
How can you ensure that you will listen, hear and act upon then?
What actions do you need to take to access your resident and personal wisdom?
By when will you take that action?
How can you help yourself?

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