Quiet essence sacred soul

Intensely personal universal whole

Perspective quiets all longing

Centered source of early morning


Meditation as prayerful devotion

Quiet stillness roar of ocean

Some only quiet alone

Some dance evokes a plaintive moan


What’s shared in common a sacred force

Connection to universe you can’t divorce

Electric “ohhmming” vibrates your head

Primordial bog life forces wed


Pinpoint presence allows seeing all

Understanding why we periodically fall

See from a distance enjoy the view

Let go of personal it’s not about you


Acceptance the outcome of endless searching

Connect your nature to all you’ve been learning

In reverie all else drops away

Warrior spirit reveals the light of gods play


What activities get you quiet and prayerful?

What does the phrase “light of gods play” mean to you?

– Stewart Levine ©

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