What is the quiet essence of your sacred soul

What is intensely personal a universal whole

What creates perspective quieting your longing

What takes you back to center a source of early morning

Some call it meditation some say it’s devotion

For some its quiet stillness for others roar of ocean

For some it only happens when quiet and alone

For others ecstatic dancing and deep plaintiff moans

What these share in common is a sacred force

Connection to the universe that you can’t divorce

Electricity of “ohhmming” vibrating in your head

Connecting to a primordial bog the place life forces wed

From this pinpoint presence you can see it all

You gain understanding of why we periodically fall

You see it from a distance and enjoy the view

Letting go of the personal it’s not all about you

Acceptance is the outcome of this endless searching

Communion with your nature and all you’ve been learning

Only in your reverie when all else drops away

Warrior spirit emerges revealing the lightness of gods play

Are you loud or quiet when you are most prayerful?

What are the activities that get you there?

Do the people closest to you respect that part of you?

Do you respect the same parts of them even if different?

What does the phrase “lightness of gods play” mean to you?

How does it impact you?

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