What are your riches what is your gold

What will be your solace when you’re growing old

What will give you a big smile

What will comfort you for a while

What gives you lasting divine pleasure

What does your heart sincerely treasure

What is your sacred desire

To what do you really aspire

What engages all your passion

What makes you give without ration

What do you count your blessings

What do you do when others mess up things

When you have answers to the above

You’ll have delight and be in love

Deep down it’s not your bank account

They do not make a difference no matter the amount

Money’s not the end it’s a means

That helps you accomplish other things

It’s a tool you can exchange

Used wisely giving you broader range

It fuels your projects and your vision

Helps you move with great precision

It helps facilitate your own sweet plan

For giving to the family of man

What are the things that give you the most pleasure?

Are you spending enough time engaged in those activities?

Do you have enough of a sense of gratitude about the gifts you can provide for others?

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