No matter who no matter where

No matter how so long as there’s air

Each life needs each life requires

A respite from all of each life’s desires

We each deserve a day of peace

Carved out to let the relentless release

To recharge our cells relax the mind

The gift we give ourselves so kind

It’s time to sit and cogitate

Reflect upon your state of state

It’s time to take a big time-out

Asking yourself what your life’s about

Refreshment for your body and soul

Take the time to make yourself whole

Connect with universal mind

Clear up the places that bind

Renewed and clear back to the chase

We’re ready for our chosen race

If you keep going without a stop

You’ll hit a wall and you will drop

Take some needed Sabbath time

To help make your life sublime

Carry memories of your peaceful rest

They’ll help you conquer you next quest

Do you have some practices for renewal built into your life?

Are they enough for you?

What is it that they do not provide?

How might you supplement them?

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