Deeply disappointing when tragedy strikes a lover

You want to take the pain away give it to another

You wish they did not have to feel the hurt sadness and sorrow

You wish you could evoke the gods and change their tomorrow

The joy you’d been hoping for sometimes sadly fleeting

Though the wish for their tranquility began at your first meeting

You want it all to go away leave without any scars

You want them free to laugh and play and romp among the stars

Who do you know who’ll help them to see and to know

That within this life lesson is a place for them to grow

Life is not for the faint of heart or the shrinking being

The only way we get to learn by opening eyes and seeing

It is time to go within and dig for golden threads

Time to learn life’s not about narrow selfish ends

Time to honor paths others choose to walk

Time to cherish other beings not all of their talk

Time to understand and give more than you take

Time to pay respect and to stay awake

Rant and rave profoundly and let it all be said

Then walk tall more proudly and help them to their end

What are the lessons you have been learning lately?

Are they all about you or can we take profound lessons from the lives of others?

What about compassion and empathy?

Who needs your care right now?

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