A longing empty hole in your heart

Saps your intensity robs you of your art

You realize something is wrong

Your speaking flat-lined you lost your song

What once seemed joyous so quiet sedate

Something is missing you lost your mate

As you step forward quirky rhythm to your gait

You take on new cadence embodying fate

Next steps the trajectory that you must start

Task for the moment reclaiming your heart

As you step forward walking your path

Don’t hide from emptiness or pretend not to crash

Footsteps you hear hovering near

Come from your knowing and from your fear

Sadness will kill you rip you apart

No tragedy greater than a broken heart

As you move forward mindful and clear

Accepting your sadness is nothing to fear

Step into the empty dark of your being

Its many lessons reveal a new song to sing

Have you ever had your heart broken?

Can you still feel the residual hole of the loss?

Did you allow yourself to fully feel and accept the pain of the loss?

Did you take away any lessons from the experience?

How do those lessons serve you today?

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