What is your quest while here on earth
Why incomplete from your very birth
Right here’s where we sit trying to know
Certainty evading as thoughts refuse to slow

We search for answers for a vision that’s clear
The job of the seeker to know what’s in your ear
We long for moments when we can be still
Not worrying about needs we might not fill

Where is our place on this sacred rock
We want it right now no more time on the clock
A half that is missing a part you might fill
A partner whose presence bolsters your will

Here on this journey this traverse called life
There is so much suffering amidst all the strife
It’s not for the timid the weak or the slow
It’s for the strong who can make a go

Right in the middle of all this pain
Amid all the angst what is your gain
You have come through all the traps at your back
Keep looking and searching for the su wen synapse

What is the path you have been seeking?
What has been missing?
Have you had a partner on the journey?
What have they provided?
How do you find strength when you feel depleted?
What keeps you searching and hopeful?

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