Ready to let yourself be known
Sharing from deep in your bone
No hiding from fear of put down
Sharing wisdom traveling to town

Trust inner wisdom honor your truths
Smile at rejection mentor many youths
Define ambition on your terms
Fight battles sharing your words

Let go illusions others hold dear
Bring each day best of good cheer
Make sure loved ones at your side
Are keeping pace on a magical ride

Trust faith is there with you
Comfort losses carry all through
When not sure what to do
Rarely cloudy to others be true

Say yes to all above
Gods honor your sacred love
Hold this present each day
Foster wisdom learn to play

Not what you own on earth
Not an identity or measure of worth
Share openly nod and wink
Treasure deepest thoughts you think

Are lessons you deliver an extension of yourself or do you hold back?

How will you get beyond resistance?

– Stewart Levine ©

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