The joyous delivery engaging discovery

The healing communion of souls touching lovingly

Sometimes not often that life reveals deeply

Truths hidden inside are sometimes very slippery

As we go forth finding our path

Longing for touching healing that lasts

It comes from engaging intimate discovery

Joining the energy of souls peaceful reverie

As I march through this journey called living

Looking searching hoping forgiving

The place to look for healing and whole

Inside myself is where I find home

No breadth of communion or joining with others

Satisfies till they are sisters and brothers

That only comes when you’re one with yourself

After searching and grounding leads you to real wealth

You find who you are by others reaction

So engage you’ll encounter authentic traction

And in the quest to discover yourself

You need to connect let go of all stealth

How much of yourself are you sharing?

How much self-disclosure do you engage in?

What do you receive when you are totally transparent, sharing from what’s really going on?

Have you ever tried to live from inside that reality?

What do you have to lose?

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