The lucky among us learn about love
Honoring caring observing doves
A source of eternal longing the desire to be free
Of egos confining binds “me, me, me, me, me”

When we let go let self burn away
Real love emerges and carry’s our day
It’s not about what you get for yourself
It’s about shifting focus to everyone else

The source motherhood essence of birth
Caring for others gives you great girth
When your life shifts to you from me
That’s the key you discover and then you are free

It includes observing with eyes ears and heart
Knowing what others need makes you very smart
It’s giving not getting sharing the profound
It’s union communion providing enduring ground

Wisely understanding where they’re coming from
You give more than gold you give platinum
More coming back the reward you don’t want much
Giving fills your needs you get much more and such

Can you recall times in your life when taking care of others was your primary focus?
How did that make you feel?
What was the payoff for you?
What did it cost?
Who was the primary beneficiary?
What were the long term rewards?

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