When you stop striving and reaching for goals

You will stop floundering trapped on your shoals

All of your reaching will not take you where

You think it will take you you’re already there

In fact there is nothing and no place to go

You’re already realized you just don’t know

The saintly presence you’re questing to reach

Will provide nothing you can’t already teach

Serenity already lives inside you

Your task to embrace there is nothing to do

Rather than action it’s about letting go

Listen to what’s inside from that you will grow

Serenity comes from accepting what’s so

Trusting your wisdom and process to know

Letting go of the ego that thinks it needs more

Live in the moment BEING’S what you’re here for

If you can embrace “you’re already whole”

So rich and so fertile and so not alone

Serenity’s already deep in your soul

Take a big drink from your own mixing bowl

What have you been striving for?

Does that striving get in the way of your own peace and serenity?

Are they mutually exclusive?

Can you be peaceful without the particular achievement?

Can you embrace that you are already whole?

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